I enjoy long-distance bicycling and bike touring. I’m a quasi-annual participant in the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (my home state). I was inspired by two friends, Jason and Jimmy Westlake, who have done BRAG close to twenty times now! My bike of choice for these trips is a heavily-modified 2006 model Trek 520. In 2007, I was joined on BRAG by my sister Amy for 418 miles of fun across south-central Georgia. I’m now in training for the Pan-Mass Challenge the next BRAG biking in Napa Valley teaching an 8 year-old to bike in the Connecticut suburbs nothing for a change!



After many years of letting my instruments collect dust, I’m finally playing again. My home studio is set up for recording now, so I might even post some songs if any of them aren’t terrible. I’ve mostly been playing 12-string guitar recently but am trying to keep up on bass too in case anyone is interested in playing… My most recent acquisition is a Kona Walkingbass!


I have been studying watercolor painting for a little while now. I have been concentrating on simple things (flowers, fruit) and am enjoying it immensely.


In the wintertime, I have been experimenting with artisanal bread baking. I’ve become a pretty decent baker with much credit due to books by Peter Reinhart and unabashed thievery from Rene at the Hi-Rise.



I tend to read far more books than can possibly be healthy. I used to have a list of recent books I’d read here, but it got to be too much to maintain.